WMRC 1490 Milford
W267CD 101.3 Milford

Looking up the tower

Looking at the base of the tower.

The equipment processing rack at the transmitter.

The front of the still functioning Bauer transmitter.

The rear of the Bauer.

A closeup of the tubes running idle.

The primary Nautel Amfet transmitter.

Engineer Doug Kehrig adjusting the transmitter.

Engineer Doug standing next to his transmitter!

The transmitter building. Thanks for the tour Doug!!

The new FM translator!

The towers near downtown that hold the new translator

A closeup of the new antenna

A little wider view.

Not many translators have both a main and backup transmitter. But then again, not many are engineered by Doug!

The backup, heavily modified QEI 675!

The primary transmitter.

WMRC Studios

WMRC's main studio

WMRC's tech rack.

The newsroom typewriter

The main lobby.

The tower, looking from the transmitter hut.