Virtual 62.1
Post Repack 10
Channel Sharing Host: WWDP
(Pre Repack 18)
Foxborough, MA

Channel 32 (Silver) and 18 (Red) antennas

A different view.

"FM128" as seen from Needham

WMFP's analog antenna and tower.
2015 Note. This antenna remains

A closer view of the antenna
WMFP's on the top of the building at One Beacon St. (The building made famous in Ally McBeal)

Looking up the tower from the roof!

And the base of the tower.

What I thought was a rather cool "near focus" shot of the former analog antenna.

WMFP's digital antenna
(Red - Front view)
On the FM 128 Tower
A wider tower view , you can see WMFP's DT antenna near the top.
The FM128 tower where WMFP-DT sits.

WMFP's tower as seen from the Prudential tower.
A closer view of the tower.

WMFP's antenna (red)

WMFP's antenna closer up.

Another view of the WMFP-DT antenna.

WMFP-DT's Thales Paragon transmitter.

WMFP-DT's digital transmitter closer up.