Virtual 27.1
Post Repack 29
(Pre repack 19)
Boston, MA

Primary tower - Cedar St (Still in Repack Build)

Click on the Cedar St link above to see antenna and combiner pictures.

The new primary Gates Air ULXTE-120 transmitter at Cedar St.

The primary and backup transmitters.

The Boylston Site, the long time home of channel 27, both pre repack and analog.
It's a site "stuck in time"

At 1,350, this is the tallest tower in the Commonwealth. Seen for many many years, thanks to Bob Kerrigan,
I was able to finally make it up here and see the site.

The old interim main/aux antenna for digital 29.

The top digital 29 antenna.

Bob Kerrigan here standing in front of the standby Harris Ranger transmitter, to the left was his primary Harris Diamond transmitter.

The analog transmitters are also still here! The compact IOX on the left was the "newer" analog, the Comark S on the right was the old Klystrong.

A closer look at this! This is the model of transmitter I first ever worked on!

Another view of the Comark IOX

Older pictures below.

Looking up the tallest tower in Massachusetts. The "27" tower in Boylston!

The primary digital antenna on top!

The transmitter compound.

Older pictures below.

WUNI's new antenna.

Another view of the new antenna.

WUNI's new antenna closer.

Another view.

A closer view of the old DT antenna.

WUNI's tower shot.

The old antenna on the ground at the transmitter.

Looking up the massive WUNI-TV tower.

A view of the WUNI-DT standby antenna side mounted.

WUNI's whole tower as seen from a nearby church's parking lot

If you look real carefully you can see the older WUNI-DT here

WUNI's older analog antenna.

Looking up at the older WUNI's antenna.

WUNI's studios in Needham (behind the tower complex)