Virtual 4.1
Post Repack 20
(Pre repack 30)
Boston, MA

Primary tower - Cedar St 
Backup Tower - Cabot St 

The new primary and standby transmitters for WBZ-TV. The left is a ULXTE-24, and the main is a ULXTE-120.

A closer view of the Cedar Street primary transmitters.

WBZ's new auxiliary transmitter at Cabot Street, a Gates Air ULXTE-72

Studio & transmitter pics below...

WBZ-TV's main and standby transmitters.

WBZ-TV's standby transmitter

WBZ-TV's primary transmitter

An old tube and boiler-plate on display on the WBZ-TV standby transmitter

Old (mostly outdated) pictures below...

WBZ-TV master control (along with WSBK & WLWC).

Various Video Servers

One of the "tech" hallways for the TV facility

Another tech hallway for the TV operations. (A lot of these are satellite receive)

WBZ's analog transmitter. (Since removed)

WBZ's analog backup transmitter. (Also removed)

WBZ's analog tech area.

Another tech area.

The audio processing racks (right) and other racks (left).

WBZ's digital transmitter (in the DTV building).