Virtual 33.1
Post Repack 20
(Pre repack 21)
Springfield, MA  
In 2011, WSHM-LD moved from Mount Tom to Chapin Mountain in Wilbraham. For some reason, it took me
until 2019 to get up here. WSHM moved from 21 to 20 up here.

Looking up at the tower.

A cluttered closeup view of the ERI antenna.

A wider view of the antenna. The TV antenna below is was WTXX-LD's.

An uncluttered closeup.

A nice view of the compound.

Older pictures of the old Mount Tom install below...

WSHM-LP's antenna closeup.
Another view of WSHM-LP.
WSHM-LP's transmitter.
WSHM-LP's other rack.