Virtual 38.1
Post Repack 21
(Pre repack 39)
Boston, MA

Primary tower - Cedar St 
Backup Tower - Cabot St 

The new primary Post Repack transmitter at Cedar Street.

The new post repack backup transmitter at Cabot Street.

Old Studio & Transmitter pictures below...

WSBK's former digital transmitter.

The former 38 analog transmitter.

WSBK's analog standby transmitter at the 'BZ tower.

WSBK-DT's transmitter.

WSBK's analog transmitter.

WSBK analog's audio racks.

The technical equipment for WSBK-TV.

WSBK's analog antenna on the Candleabra tower.

WFXT-DT on the left, WSBK analog on the right.

Another view of the candleabra top.

Looking up the Candleabra