Virtual 35.1
Post Repack 21
(Pre Repack 16)
Erie, PA

Look familiar?  It's the old WSEE-TV tower. Due to some changes in tower leases, WICU-TV and WSEE-TV
moved from their old tower here, as WSEE-TV repacked. The move gave them a chance to build a new top shelf
broadcast facility.  Also now on this tower is 106.3 which moved from much farther south onto this tower.

Looking at the top infastructure. The UHF WSEE-TV antenna on top, WICU-TV below it (hard to see here), a side mount
UHF, 106.3's panel, the 105.9 translator, and much farther down is the 98.7 translator (right)

A closer look at the top half.

The stacked antenna closer.

A better view. You can see the UHF 21 on top of the VHF 12 here.

Here's a closeup shot of the post repack antenna.

This is an aux side mount antenna for WSEE-TV

Another view of it.

Thanks to Scott Fybush for remembering to get a shot of the exterior of the building when I forgot! Newly painted and cleaned up nice!

The cool transmitter facility. WSEE-TV on the far left, WICU to the right of the control rack. The 105.9 translator middle of the rack to the left of the Nautel, and 106.3 is
the Nautel.

The channel 12 and 21 transmitters up close.

Channel 21's transmitter up close

2010 (Rain) and 2012 pictures below....


The first night in Erie, we were hit with a massive downpour at the WICU/WSEE site. I took this unique picture of the tower.

Two days later, the sky was perfect.

The WICU/WSEE transmitter building.

Looking at the 720 foot tower from a nearby business.

The "STL" tower at the WICU studios, topped with the old main antenna before building the Waterford Road site in 1966

Another view of the tower

The side mounted channel 16, WSEE antenna.

Pictures below were taken in July 2010

The WICU / WSEE tower at 720 feet.

WICU/WSEE's transmitter building

WSEE-DT side mounted on the WICU tower.

The old WSEE analog tower.

The WSEE analog transmitter site, made famous by The Pizza Bomber incident in 2003

Another view of the analog site.