Virtual 68.1
Post Repack 22
(Pre repack 32)
Boston, MA.

WBPX moved off of the American Tower owned tower(s) in Newton to the "66" tower out here in Hudson.
Hopefully we'll have transmitter pictures sometime soon.

Looking up the 1200' Vertical Bridge tower.

A little closer view.

WUNI has the top mount antenna, iON has the side mount.

A closeup of iON's antenna

Even closer.

The tower compound in Hudson.

iON's transmitter building at the compound.

Older picturs below...

Channel 32 (Silver) and 18 (Red) antennas

A different view.

"FM128" as seen from Needham

WBPX's digital transmitter cabinet

WBPX's transmitter control cabinet and exciters

WBPX's DT Antenna (Grey 3 piece antenna)

A closer shot of that antenna

The FM128 tower where WBPX sits

The old WBPX Analog site on top of the PRU.