Virtual 21.1
Post Repack 22
(Pre repack 16)
Rochester, NY

A 2020 view of the towers. WXXI is on the center tower.

A shot of the two antennas, interim/aux and primary. WXXI-FM is on the right. WRUR is the funky panel.

A closeup of the new primary.

And of the interim/aux

Another shot of the new main,

And of the aux/FM.

A shot of the new WXXI and WHAM-TV antennas from the top of the Xerox tower.

In 2014, WXXI-TV mounted up a new ERI UHF top mount antenna on their tower on Pinnacle Hill.

Another view of the ERI

On the left is the aux , former primary antenna.

WXXI-TV's new transmitter which replaced their previous failing transmitter. This is the post repack transmitter also.

Looking at the Maxiva exciters.

A really neat view of the Pinnacle Hill towers from the WDKX transmitter site in downtown Rochester.

Looking up the towers.

Pictures from 2011 below...

The WXXI tower, missing the top cross-arm. Scott Fybush is really sad about this.

The now non-goal-post antenna tower.

Below are pictures of the setup of WXXI from 2007.

WXXI-TV's main analog transmitter.
WXXI-DT's main transmitter.
WXXI on the right hand side of the T tower in the center.
WXXI-TV's Master Control.
WXXI's tech area.
Another WXXI tech room.
A closer view of the top of the WXXI/WUHF tower
WXXI-DT's antenna.

Here is a pre-digital shot of Pinnacle Hill in Rochester, taken in 1997.