Virtual 66.1
Post Repack 26
(Pre repack 22)
Erie, PA

The tall tower with WJET-WFXP on it, post repack.

WJET-TV's antenna on top, and WFXP on the side. And no, your eyes aren't fooling you.
WFXP employs a mechanical beam tilt towards Erie. (To the left of this photo)

The WFXP transmitter up close

And their interim antenna.

Pre repack 2012 pictures below...

The 22 antenna.

The WQHZ/WXBB tower on the left, and the WJET/WFXP tower.

The top half of the tower

The WJET/WFXP studios.

The RF 22 transmitter.

The pictures below were taken July 2010

The WFXP antenna side mounted to the WJET tower.

The WQHZ/WXBB tower (left) and the 750 foot WJET/WFXP tower (right)