Virtual 66.1
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Marlborough, MA

The former "WUTF" studios at the tower site in Hudson.

A little wider view of the building.

Looking up the 1200' Vertical Bridge tower.

A little closer view.

WUNI has the top mount antenna, iON has the side mount.

A closeup of the WUNI antenna on top.

Even closer!

The tower compound in Hudson.

WUNI's transmitter building.

Looking in the transmitter room for channel 66.

The primary Rohde Schwarz

A closer view of the R&S

I thought this filter was really cool and worth showing.

Older pictures below.

A newer view of the tower.

WUTF analog 66 top mounted.

WUTF digital side mounted.

Old pictures below.

WUTF's antenna
Notice the digital antenna on the side.

WUTF's full length tower.
1250' tall.