Virtual 26.1
Post Repack 28
(Pre repack 32)
New London, CT

The two tall towers in Farmington, CT., post repack

The Candelabra top, the only remaining candelabra in New England.
WHPX (RF 28) on the left, WEDH (RF 30), center, WTIC-TV (RF 34) Bottom right, WCCT-TV (RF 33) Top right.

A wider shot, also shows the interim WB antenna used by WTIC-TV and WCCT-TV during the transition.

A closer view of the top.

Another closeup (Left).

Older pictures below. 

WHPX's tower(s), new (right) and old (left). 
WHPX's antennas. Analog (top) and Digital (below)