Virtual 36.1
Post Repack 2
(Pre repack 21)
Providence, RI

The WJAR towers in Rehoboth, MA on a cool winter day.

Another nice shot looking up the towers.

Looking up at the top antennas. The Panel antenna is for PBS WSBE on VHF Ch. 02.

The WSBE VHF Panel antenna closeup. You can see it has two horizontal and one vertical element.

Looking into the sun at WSBE's transmitter.

The RF 2 channel filter.

The Comark Parallax closeup.

A newer shot of the transmitter.

The WSBE-DT antenna closeup.

The WJAR tower where WSBE-DT is located. (Lower antenna). (Prior to the towers being painted,
and WSNE-FM's antenna replacement)

The WJAR towers where WSBE-DT is side-mounted (left).

Looking up the tower.

Looking at the top antennas. The top is WJAR analog, the top side is WJAR-DT/WLNE-DT
WSBE-DT is just below that, MediaFlo is just below that.

WSBE-DT's Axcera Innovator transmitter.

Another view of the neat little site for WSBE-DT

Pictures from the analog site on Neutaconkanut Hill in Johnston.

A closeup , clearer view of the old analog antenna

A view of the whole tower in Johnston.

WSBE's old analog antenna.

The WPRO-FM tower where WSBE-TV is located.

A closer view of the top mount analog antenna at the WPRO-FM site.