Virtual 30.1
Post Repack 31
(Pre repack 35)
New Britain, CT

The two tall towers in Farmington, post repack.

Looking at WVIT's pre transition (side) and post transition (top) antennas.

The new channel 31 Dielectric antenna.

The old 35 antenna.

Another view of both antennas.

Older pictures below

A new high detailed shot of the tower(s). Looking at WVIT's 1,060 foot tower.

A closeup of the top two antennas. The DT is on the side, and the former analog is on top.

A closeup of the digital

A closeup of the analog

The old UHF 30 antenna on their original tower

A wider shot of the old UHF tower.

Rattlesnake Mountain in Farmington.

Older pictures below...

A nice sunny view of the whole tower.

A closeup of the top antennas

WVIT's Analog (top)
and Digital (side)

WVIT's tall tower in the fog.

An old picture of WTIC & WVIT