Virtual 44.x
Post Repack 43
(Pre repack 32)
Boston, MA

Primary tower - Cedar St 
Backup Tower - Cabot St 

The post repack primary facility at Cedar Street.

WGBX's new Rohde-Schwarz THU9-EVO24 transmitter, post repack auxiliary transmitter at Cabot St

A closer view.

WGBX's older equipment and setup on Cedar St below.

A long shot looking at the  former WGBH-TV transmitter and the WGBX standby (closer)

Another view of the WGBX standby transmitter

WGBX's primary DCX.

WGBX-DT's primary transmitter (in the DTV building).

WGBX-TV's analog transmitter (in the DTV building).