Virtual 5.1
Post Repack 33
(Pre repack 20)
Boston, MA

Primary tower - Cedar St 
Backup Tower - Cabot St 

The primary transmitter at Cedar Street. A Gates Air ULXTE-90.

A little closer view of it.

The backup ULXTE-90 transmitter from Gates Air at Cabot Street.

A closer view of the new Gates Air transmitter.

Pre repack Transmitter pics below.
(Old studio pics below too).

WCVB's standby transmitter

WCVB's former main transmitter.

WCVB's former digital transmitter.

A closeup view of the former standby antenna.

Another shot.

Older pictures below

The WCVB-TV Helipad on the roof!

The WCVB helicopter coming in for a landing. (The candleabra tower behind it).

The WCVB helicopter waiting for someone to jump on board.

WCVB's main control room.

WCVB's main audio board.

WCVB's main control room Kalypso Grass Valley switcher.

The robotic camera control.

The new HD set.

One of the HD cameras.

The weather set.

One of the tech rack areas.

The video tape area.

WCVB's master control.

The HD Encoding racks.