Virtual 25.1
Post Repack 34
(Pre repack 31)
Boston, MA

Primary: Candelabra 
Backup: Cedar St 

WFXT's post repack primary and standby transmitters.

A closer view of the transmitters.

Looking at their new post repack Gates transmitter primary

And standby transmitter.

The standby single cabinet setup at Cedar Street.

A little closer view.

WFXT's interim transmitter close up.

Below are 2017 pictures of the former main transmitters for RF 31, and backups.

The main rig, a DCX-3.

And backups. Solid state to the left, "V4", single IOT to the right.

WFXT-DT's newer antenna (top) and old DT antenna (hanging down)

The top of the Candelabra (WFXT-DT left, WSBK analog right)

A view from a different building.

The candleabra tower.

WFXT's new high power digital transmitter. (When it was new, taken in 2009)

WFXT's equipment racks. (From 2009)

WFXT's backups (Solid state, left and DCX right).

Two cabinets of the new digital transmitter.

WFXT's 3rd cabinet and standby cabinet.