Virtual 61.1
Post Repack 34
(Pre repack 31)
Hartford, CT

The two tall towers in Farmington, CT., post repack

The Candelabra top, the only remaining candelabra in New England.
WHPX (RF 28) on the left, WEDH (RF 30), center, WTIC-TV (RF 34) Bottom right, WCCT-TV (RF 33) Top right.

A wider shot, also shows the interim WB antenna used by WTIC-TV and WCCT-TV during the transition.

A closer view of the top.

A closeup of the antenna. (Right)

The WB antenna.

The 1,300 foot Candelabra tower in Farmington on Rattlesnake Mountain

The top antennas. I am unsure of the exact antennas, but based on my best guesses.
WEDH 45 is on the left, WTIC-TV is on the bottom right, and WCCT is on the top right

Here is the license info.

WCCT 516m RF 20 DIE TFU-10JTH/VP-R C170
WTIC-TV 495m RF 31 DIE TFU-18DSC/VP-R C170
WEDH 490m RF 45 DIE TFU-16DSC-R C170

A little wider view, with the media-flo antenna below it

A real closeup of the TV antennas

The two Rattlesnake Mountain towers. WVIT on the left, the candelabra on the right.

WTIC-TV's new tower top with two of the three new TINES installed. (Taken from a nearby street)
A lower side mounted UHF antenna. (Taken from a nearby street)
Another antenna near the bottom of the tower. (Taken from a nearby street)
A whole tower view.
A closeup view of two of the new antennas mounted on top.

Looking up.

The towers from a nearby neighborhood

The top before construction

Another tower view

WTIC-TV's new FOX antennas on the top of the studio building.
A closeup view of the FOX antennas and the old WRDM-LP 13 antenna on the roof.