Virtual 7.1
Post Repack 35
(Pre repack 42)
Boston, MA

WHDH put up both a new top mount and an interim, now aux, side mount antenna.

A better view of the new top configuration.

The new Dielectric TFU-28JTH/VP-R O6 antenna.

The interim main, now auxiliary Dielectric TFU-16WB C160.

The brand new Comark transmitter. 

A wider view of the transmitter and pump modules.

Older pictures below.

WHDH's tower, a 2019 view.

The stacked antennas on top.

A closeup of the UHF 42 antenna.

Older pictures below...

The tower

A good view of the 
stacked antenna.

WHDH TX Building and Satellite dishes.

WHDH Antenna.

Looking up the tower.One of the tallest self supporters in the USA.


WHDH's transmitter building on Tower Rd. in Newton
(Hi Bill Leland!)

Looking up at the top of the tower from the parking lot.

Looking up the center of the WHDH tower.

WHDH's tower from the parking lot.

WHDH analog/PT digital (top) and interim digital (bottom)

WHDH's standby "7" antenna.

WHDH's associated microwave gear.

Some of the equipment racks.

More of the equipment racks.

WHDH's analog Larcan transmitter.

The old SE7EN logo on the transmitter.

WHDH's interim 42 Comark transmitter.

A view of the control cabinet.

WHDH-DT 7's post transition transmitter. This was on the air for a couple of days, then they switched back to 42.
This transmitter is now in Miami

WHDH's new post transition UHF 42 transmitter

Another view of the post transition transmitter cabinets

Looking down the whole transmitter row. This is where the analog and DTV 7 transmitters both sat.