Virtual 3.1
Post Repack 36
(Pre repack 33)
Hartford, CT

Looking up at the WFSB tower with the post repack antenna installed, and the former "3" TDM removed.

A sun-lit closeup

A wider view of the top mast.

On the guyed tower, this antenna was installed. It is an aux for WFSB.

Another view of the main.

And wider view.

The two towers, the left is WTIC-FM, WWUH, and the WFSB aux. Right is WFSB main, and WTIC aux.
Look at the bottom left of the self supporting tower for the WB aux antenna for WFSB.

Older pictures below...

WFSB's new antenna top mounted.
Analog is the lower part of the antenna

WFSB's tower is the right one, it is also the
auxiliary tower for WTIC AM

WFSB's old analog antenna on the tower

WFSB's old antenna on the ground.

WFSB's new Thales Paragon digital transmitter

More of the new digital transmitter

The control panel of the Harris analog

WFSB main Harris analog transmitter

Looking at the WFSB tower base, WTIC tx plant, and multiple receive dishes.

The WFSB-TV studio building.

WFSB's old "B" transmitter which fed the single Batwing antenna on the "FM" tower.