Virtual 8.1
Post Repack Displacement 36
(Pre repack 46)
Providence, RI

The new installation behind this furniture warehouse in Norton, MA.

Slightly closer shot of the extended tower.

The coax routing and antenna.

Antenna closeup.

Prior to moving to Norton, this was the primary translator for "NBC Boston", as WBTS-LD on the Cedar St tower in Needham, MA.
NBC purchased WYCN-CD, a Nashua class A station, and entered it into a full power-full time channel share in Needham with WGBX.
The calls were swapped, and this transmitter was relocated to Norton to become WYCN-CD, the Telemundo Providence affiliate.
(The other one, WRIW-CD, entered into a channel share with WPXQ)

Another shot of the WBTS LD antenna, taken in 2019.

The Cedar St tower where WBTS-LD sits. (Along with 6 other Boston TV stations.)

A closeup of the ERI LPTV Antenna.

WBTS-LD's "Anywave" transmitter.

Another shot of the transmitter.

Older shots below.

WTMU-LP's Katherine K723147 Panel antenna

A wider view.

A different angle shot

The ICE tower in Malden which has 101.7 on it, and WTMU-LP