City of license Waterbury, VT
Frequency (KHZ) 550
File No.
Location (N-LAT) 44-21-9
Location (W-LON) 72-45-6
Location Blush Hill Rd, Stowe
Pattern DA-2
Daytime ERP 5000 watts
Daytime Towers 2
Nighttime ERP 1000 watts
Nighttime TOWERS 3
Critical Hours ERP
Other Information
WDEV's very large 3 tower array as seen from Ben & Jerry's.
WDEV bottom of tower 1
WDEV access road 
WDEV Tower 1
WDEV Towers 2 & 3
Another view of the three tower array.

The WDEV studios on Stowe St, Waterbury, VT.
WDEV's studios front view.
WDEV's STL dishes.

WDEV's transmitter building.