Virtual 2.1
Post Repack 5
(Pre repack 19)
Boston, MA

Cabot St (New Primary Site)

In 2019, IBEW electricians, contractors and other engineers constructed a state of the art
primary facility at the Candelabra tower. This is the station's new primary
While work is completed, it is the primary for the station.

WGBH's new VHF 5 Comark transmitter.

Studio & transmitter pictures below...

A newer shot of the former WGBH-TV transmitter

A long shot looking at the  former WGBH-TV transmitter and the WGBX standby (closer)

Older pictures below...

WGBH/WGBX-TV's  master control.

A closer look at the WGBH/WGBX-TV master control.

Another look at the master control.

WGBH-TV's STLs and ICRs to WGBY 57 Springfield

WGBH-TV's analog transmitter. (Since removed)

WGBH-DT's primary transmitter (in the DTV building).

WGBH-DT/ WGBX / WGBX-DT's transmitter control room.