City of license Boston
Frequency (KHZ) 680
File No. BL-19880712AH
Location (N-LAT) 42-29-25
Location (W-LON) 71-13-5
Location Burlington
Pattern DA2
Daytime ERP 50000 watts
Daytime Towers 3
Nighttime ERP 50000 watts
Nighttime TOWERS 3
Critical Hours ERP
Other Information
WRKO's three towers at night.
A "night vision" shot of the transmitter building.
WRKO's towers.
A return trip in October 2006, allowed for some daytime pictures of the three tower array.
WRKO's three tower array, seen from a nearby hotel parking lot.
A wider view of the towers.
WRKO's main control room.
Another view.
Entercom Boston's tech room.

Another night time view of the lights.