WSBS 860 KHz. Great Barrington, MA.

WSBS's studio, tower and promotion vehicle (the black in the rear, not my father's Taurus!)

A beautiful shot of the recently painted AM tower!

Busy daytime studios!

ATU with Isocoupler

Main transmitter and audio processing.

Main transmitter at full power.

A look at the antenna switching, audio processing and the transmitter for 94.1

The EAS and remote monitoring.

The new studios

Another view of the new studios.

The LPB, which was on the air while the main was worked on.

"There's a Hippy in your transmitter".   Peter Partenio working on one of the P.A. boards of the SX2.5A

Older pictures below!

WSBS's tower. (Now with 94.1 on it!)

WSBS's studios and tower

WSBS's tower as seen from a nearby hill. (Before 94.1)

WSBS's tower as seen from the rear porch of the studio building.

Another view of the tower.

The antenna tuning unit.

The WSBS Newsroom.

The main on air studio. (Yes, with real working Cart Machines!)

The production studio (this is the old 105.1 studio).

Some monitoring, processing equipment as well as the primary transmitter.

The 250 watt auxiliary transmitter, some T1 gear for feeds from Pittsfield and other.

The 4 watt LPB night transmitters and the antenna changeover switches.

A closer look at the change over switches.

The 2 4watt transmitters, one primary, one backup.

A closeup view of inside the 4 watt night transmitter.

A closer look of the Gates BC-250GY 250 watt transmitter.

The 2.5SX Harris primary transmitter.

WSBS's tower base.