WERS 88.9 Boston
(Emerson College)

Thanks to some 2018 work, I was able to access the roof of the building and get better pictures.

The rooftop. WERS on the front tower, 101.7 top of the rear, 95.3 bottom of it.

WERS's antenna closeup.

Another shot.

Through the cage, the new Nautel transmitter primary.

Another shot of the new Nautel.

Older pictures below.

A newer high res shot of the towers.

WERS is the left four bay antenna.

Another view of the WERS antenna (right)

A wider view of the three FM stations here.

1 Financial Plaza. The left tower is WERS, The right is WHRB

A better view from a street in Chinatown near the Big Dig. The left tower is WERS.

WERS on the left hand tower. (Apparently a new radome on the top too)

A closeup view from the other side of the antenna.

Older pictures below.

WERS's BE FM 3.5A transmitter right and backup ? left

WERS's equipment racks