WAMG 890 Dedham
W235xx 94.9 Dedham

How about a different angle shot of the 890 / 1060 array? Sure!

The 94.9 translator antenna on the western most tower.

A closeup of the antenna.

A newer shot of the 5 tower array

The 5 towers of Sewell St as seen from a distance
The 890 transmitter building
At the bottom of tower #3
Looking up tower #3 , all 540 feet of it.
The combiner that combines the 890 signal and the 1060 signal into the tower.
890's Phasor
890's tuning section, including 1060 traps and switches for day and night tuning.
890's Harris DX-25U transmitter running quite nicely
890's Cetec Backup transmitter