WGBH 89.7 Boston

In September 2014, WGBH embarked on a big project to replace the old ERI antenna and transmitters.
The transmitters were replaced by Nautels and the top mast
and antenna were replaced with a brand new turn-key ERI antenna and tower.

A blurry cell phone shot of the crane up on the mountain taking down the mast.

The whole tower with the new section on top.

A closeup of the new top mounted tower section and ERI antenna.

A newer shot of the 3 bay aux antenna. This is used for HD.

Another view.

The top half antennas.

The bottom half antennas, with 97.7 on the left.

This single bay antenna appears to be a temporary aux for WGBH , most likely used during the tower work.

Everything in one shot.

Another view of the top antenna

The new Nautels driving the big analog signal.

The new HD transmitter.

The Audio Processing Equipment

Pictures below August 2010.
WGBH primary (top 8 bay) and Aux (side 3 bay).
A closeup of the top mounted 8 bay antenna.
 A closeup of the 3 bay Auxiliary antenna.
The entire tower as seen from the driveway.
 Another view of the WGBH-FM primary antenna.
 WGBH-FM and WKAF's transmitter building.
 WGBH-FM's main on air studio.
 WGBH-FM's main analog transmitter
WGBH-FM's analog auxiliary transmitter. 
WGBH-FM's HD transmitter 
 WGBH-FM's equipment racks.
 Looking down at all the transmitters.