City of license Keene
Channel 914B1
Frequency 90.7
File No. BLED19940721KC
Location (N-LAT) 43-2-0
Location (W-LON) 72-22-4
Location Walpole, NH
H-ERP 1500 watts
V-ERP 1500 watts
HAAT 286 meters
HRCAMSL 551 meters
HRCAGL 88 meters
Antenna Type Shively
Directional Yes
Tilt No
Other Information Transmitter Pictures
Courtesy Jeff Lehmann
 WEVN on the WEKW tower in Walpole, NH.
 The WEKW TV Tower.
 Another view of the antenna.
 WEVN's digital transmitter and racks.
 WKKN (Left) and WEVN (right) backup transmitters.