WBUR-FM 90.9 Boston
Also see the Cedar Tower page.

A 2020 image of the antenna.

A closer shot of the antenna.

In 2017, WBUR-FM moved from the "FM128" tower to the "Needham Heights" (Cedar St) tower. 

A new closeup

Even closer...

Pictures from 2017 and earlier below.

Cedar St tower in Needham

A closeup of the new Shively panel.

A little wider view of the top mount UHF and the panel

Older pictures of the FM128 install below...
WBUR's  FM antenna.

 Looking at the top of FM 128 with WBUR-FM at the top, side mounted.

 Looking at the whole tower.

 Looking at the top with the WBUR-FM on the side.

 A different side view of the WBUR antenna on FM128

Another view of the antenna. 

The WBUR and WMFP-DT antennas.

WBUR-FM's auxiliary antenna in Boston on the campus

A closer view of the 6 bay ERI

A better view of the 6 bay ERI, STL antenna out to Newton, and some two way antennas.