City of license Middlebury
Channel 216A
Frequency 91.1
File No. BLED-20021213ABD
Location (N-LAT) 44° 0' 25"
Location (W-LON) 73° 10' 40"
Location Physical Plant Building
Middlebury College
H-ERP 2900 watts
V-ERP 2900 watts
HAAT -9 meters
HRCAMSL 161 meters
HRCAGL 33 meters
Antenna Type SHI 6813-4R-SS
Directional No
Tilt No
Other Information
WRMC (top four bays) W237BF and W255AW antennas.
A closer view of the new antenna system. It's another smoke stack mounted antenna, similar to
 WRMC's antenna side mounted.
 WRMC's antenna side mounted (and the two translators below it)