WUMB-FM 91.9 Boston

In 2013, WUMB-FM moved from the Adams Park water tank to the Industrial Tower near the
Quincy Quarries.  In 2014, a new translator (102.1 W271CG) signed on from this tower.
I drove up and went through the woods to get shots of it. I also updated a couple tower shots.

November 2014 pictures

Looking up at the WUMB antenna

Looking up at the whole tower

The upper half. 102.1 is top left, and 91.9 is bottom center.

2013 pictures

The new 91.9 installation on the ICE tower

A little closer view

A wider view of the tower section

The 800 foot tower

A closeup of the antenna


WUMB's antenna closeup.
WUMB's tower on top of this stone tower.
Another view of the FM antenna.
 Here is a view of the stone structure.