City of license Williamstown
Channel 220A
Frequency 91.9
File No. BLED-20050202ABQ
Location (N-LAT) 42-42-38
Location (W-LON) 73-12-6
Location Atop Prospect Hall
H-ERP 440 watts
V-ERP 440 watts
HAAT -255 m
HRCAMSL 266.8 m
HRCAGL 16.8 m
Antenna Type ERI FML-1E 1 Bay
Directional No
Tilt No
Other Information
WCFM's antenna on the top of the Prospect Hall, hidden in the trees.
WCFM's ERI FML-1E Antenna
Another view of the antenna on the chimney.
A closeup view of the antenna.
 A wider view of the WCFM antenna.
 The doorway to the WCFM studios.
 WCFM's modern main on air studio.
 Complete with DJ'ing and mixing turntables!
 The WCFM "Talk" studio. Nicer than some commercial stations!
 The WCFM transmitter room with RPU pickup and Internet feed PC.
 The main transmitter.
 The backup transmitter.
Chief Engineer Paul Willey, W1EBK, showing off the extensive collection of CDs for WCFM 
(Paul is the former chief engineer of WMNB, WNAW and WSBS in Berkshire County).