WOMR 92.1 Provincetown

In 2012, WOMR's tank top tower collapsed in bad weather. They operated on the
aux tower until a new Shively was put up to replace the older one.
Here are pics of the new Shively.

The new Shively 2 bay (aimed differently than the old one)

A view from Route 6 of the tank

Another view of the antenna!

Below are older pictures of the older antenna.

WOMR's two bay Shively antenna.

WOMR on the water tank.

WOMR on the water tank as seen from Rte 6A

WOMR's transmitter building (looking through the fence!)

WOMR's new backup antenna at the studios (look carefully for the STL dish in the Cupola)

A view looking up at the new standby antennas.

The building with the standby antennas on top.

The enterance on the side to the WOMR studios.