WWYZ 92.5 Waterbury

A 2019 high res shot of the tower.

The main and HD antennas.

A closeup of the main antenna.

And of the HD antenna.

The 92.5 primary and HD/Aux antennas

A closeup of the primary

A closeup of the AUX

The whole 92.5 tower

The 92.5 aux antenna.

Older pictures below...


WWYZ's antenna on the top, and HD antenna below it.
WWYZ's Harris 3 Bay Antenna closeup

WWYZ's IBOC antenna close up.

WWYZ's backup
WWYZ's backup tower
WWYZ's control room in Hartford
The Clear Channel Rack Room...
The STL rack on the roof (From a picture on the wall)

WWYZ's primary Continental transmitter
WWYZ's digital transmitter
WWYZ's processing equipment