WXTU 92.5 Philadelphia

92.5's unusual Kathrine directional panel on the "Gross" tower.

Another view. You can see the 96.5 aux below it.

Looking up the "Gross" tower

Another view of the panel FMs. 92.5 is the middle.

92.5 also has a backup on this tower. (Combined with the backups of 96.5 and 102.9)

Another view.

Below are shots of the Candelabra and the "Master FM" where 92.5 maintains a backup.

The very tall American Tower Candelabra tower on Domino Lane in Roxborough.
Home to 7 TVs, 4 FMs, a number of Auxes and LPTVs.

A wider view. Note the side mounted FM master, and the WRTI up top.

The master FM panel antenna closeup.

Another view of the wrap around "8 face" FM master.

A more straight on view from across the way.

Another angle.

94.1 maintains a backup on this tower. (Known as the "Banks" tower.)

94.1 uses the middle 2 bay panel set here.

Another shot of the FMs.