WSNE-FM 93.3 Taunton

A 2019 closeup of the antenna.

A closer shot of the newer 3 bay ERI

Another view of the main antenna and the emergency antenna.

The three bay closeup from another side.

Looking up the tower.

The WJAR-WSNE towers. The left hand tower is the old WJAR tower, now used by WSNE.

Looking up from a small field near the tower.

The top of the mast with the new 3 bay antenna.

A closeup of the antenna.

A view of both the primary and backup.

The most recent view of the towers.

WSNE's transmitter room.

WSNE's digital transmitter.

WSNE's backup Continental Transmitter.

The main Harris HT-30CD analog transmitter.

WSNE's primary analog transmitter. Another View

A different view of the transmitter room.

WSNE's control room

The Clear Channel Audio racks.

In SEPTEMBER 2008, WSNE suffered a catastrophic antenna failure. A standby antenna
was quickly fashioned, and a replacement one was installed in mid October. Below are pictures of the new
antenna and the old one.

The standby antenna WSNE mounted after the primary antenna had failed.

The mast where the antenna had once stood.


The old WSNE on left, WJAR on right

WSNE's old 2 bay antenna.

WSNE's old antenna top left.

WSNE-FM old antenna closeup