WRSI 93.9A Turners Falls

The WRSI tower on Pocumtuck Rock in Deerfield on a cliff overlooking Deerfield.

A Closeup of the Shively 6813-2D antenna

93.9 is in this building on the hill.

93.9's transmitter room.

93.9's primary Nautel V5 FM+HD transmitter

A closeup of the front.

A rare site. A Henry Radio transmitter. This was 93.9's main before going to HD.

A closeup of the front.

The tech racks.

Old pictures from 2006 below.

93.9's aux antenna on the 99.3 tower in Northampton. This is the antenna which
used to sit on top of Pocumtuck Rock.

The whole 993 tower.

The back up transmitter is the three bottom devices. (Exciter, PA, Processor)

Pictures below, taken April 2006

WRSI's tower, an old power line tressel.

WRSI's two bay Shively antenna.

Here is an aux bay for WRSI.

A wider view of said antenna and the STL dish.

Another view of the FM antenna.

Studio pictures, Taken June 2006.

WRSI's studio (with a live band playing in it).

WRSI's microwave gear.

WRSI's tech area.