W231AK 94.1 Great Barrington
(Translator for WSBS 860 Great Barrington)

W231AK started its life in 1998, as a translator for WBEC-FM on 105.5. The translator's purpose, at the time,
was to improve reception of "Live 105" in Great Barrington, which received a lot of non-intentional interference from
a radio station in Danbury, CT, also on 105.5. In 2005, when WBEC-FM 105.5 relocated to the Springfield market,
this translator changed to a simulcast of then WMNB 100.1 in North Adams. A short time later, it changed
to a simulcast of WSBS 860. In 2012, the owners of WSBS, filed to move the translator from the roof of Fairview
hospital to the WSBS tower, and increase the power from 35 watts directional to 250 watts non directional, giving the
FM signal a far superior reach, well into central Berkshire County.

A closeup of the antenna.

The 860 tower with 94.1 on it.

A wider view of the WSBS studios, the National Grid cell tower and the WSBS tower with 94.1 on it

Looking at the ATU with the new FM isolator on it

The transmitter for W231AK

WSBS with the new translator

See the five bay Scala SCP-CA5 antenna, with the recieve antenna on the roof?
The transmitter is a Crown 30watt with a output power of 10 watts.

W231AK Crown Transmitter

A better view of the W231AK antenna.

Fairview Hospital Roof. Top little building,  the left is W231AK right mast is WBCR-LP,.

Another rooftop view.

Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington where W231AK and WBCR-LP are located.

W231AK transmitter antenna.