WJMN 94.5 Boston

The tower in Newton, taken from the Needham side

Another good view.

A different view of the 2 bay cavity back antenna.

94.5's standby antenna.

Looking through the glass into the 94.5 suite with their new GatesAir transmitter now online

A closer shot of the GatesAir primary now the primary.

Older pictures below.

Looking up at the master antenna system.

The two bay panel antenna.

 A wider view of the FM master antenna.
 The entire tower view.
 The top mount mast (the old channel 5 mast).
 WJMN's new backup antenna.

WJMN's Analog (left) and HD (right) transmitters

WJMN's HD transmitter

A wider view of the WJMN digital transmitter

WJMN's analog rack

WJMN's main Continental 816R-2B analog transmitter

WJMN's backup Harris FM25K


WJMN's main on air board.

WJMN's accessory rack

At the enterance to the studios.

In the basement of FM128, there are some old antenna bays for Jamn and 98.5.

These are the antennas

They were once Jamn' main antenna and mounted on the FM128 mast, seen in the below pics.