WVTQ 95.1 Sunderland
(Vermont Public Radio)

Some updated pictures from 2020, of the now crowded site.

The old FAA site, now used by commercial two way users (and a lot of them.)

95.1 is on this tower, side left.

A little closer shot of the unusual pole and antenna.

A closeup of the antenna.

Below images courtesy Paul Thurst from 2012

The old radar site with WVTQ 95.1

A closeup of the new Shively single bay antenna

The 95.1 transmitter & gear

The new Nautel V1 transmitter.

Here are shots I took of the antennas...

In 2011, the Sky Line Inn, (The "spooky hotel" referenced below" was torn down for construction of a new visitor's center and viewing area. The old
WVTQ transmitter and antenna were on/in the hotel. They had to relocate to a very nearby tower. Thanks to Paul Thurst for the pictures!)

WVTQ's antenna bay closeup
WVTQ and the spooky old Mt Equinox hotel...
The entire compound. The tall tower in the rear is WEQX