WHRB 95.3 Cambridge
(Harvard University)

Thanks to some 2018 work, I was able to access the roof of the building and get better pictures.

The rooftop. WERS on the front tower, 101.7 top of the rear, 95.3 bottom of it.

A wider shot of 101.7 top, and 95.3 below.

95.3 closeup.

The newer Nautel (Top) and the older BE below.

Another shot.

Older pictures below.

WHRB's newer non directional antenna

A wider view of the eastern mast


WHRB is the four bay antenna on the bottom right. Above that is the two bay WHBA
and to the right is WERS
 WHRB's BE FM-1C transmitter.
 A view of the WHRB receive equipment.
 A closeup view of the 
 A wider tower view of the WHRB antenna.

WHRB's 3 bay Shively aux antenna

A closer view of the 3 bay aux.

Another view of the aux

A better view of the antenna and power transformer

A wider view of the roof top with some mini wind turbines and the WHRB aux.