WKSS 95.7 Hartford-Meriden

How about some nice 2019 high-res pictures for good measure. 95.7 on top, 104.1 below.

A wide shot, showing the 95.7, 104.1 antennas, and the 98.5 and 96.1 translator on the short tower, right.

Very closeup.

The 95.7 tower, with 104.1 side mounted below it.

A wider view. Note all the old auxes have been stripped off the left hand pole.

The two AUX antennas, upper for 95.7, lower for 104.1

A good closeup of the 95.7 antenna

A good closeup of the aux antenna.

WKSS's (Top) & WMRQ (Bottom)
on West Peak, Meriden, CT.
WKSS's Harris four bay antenna.
WKSS's control and Jock editing a piece for air
WKSS's audio board.
Clear Channel Hartford's Rack Room.
The "STL" Rack on the roof...

WKSS's Remote Control equipment.
WPHH & WKSS transmitters. WKSS is the right transmitter.

WKSS's transmitter

On the left, the split bay H Pole with V Units is the WKSS backup antenna
WKSS's new AUX antenna .

Aux antennas, for WKSS and WMRQ.