City of license Walpole
Channel 242A
Frequency 96.3
File No. BLH-20001219AAS
Location (N-LAT) 43° 8' 14"
Location (W-LON) 72° 25' 59"
Location Mt. Kilburne, Walpole, NH
H-ERP 320 w
V-ERP 320 w
HAAT 124 meters
HRCAMSL 366.5 meters
HRCAGL 30.5 meters
Antenna Type Shively 6813-2R-SS
Directional No
Other Information
Looking at the cell tower where 96.3 is located, along with WOOL-LP 100.1
A digital zoomed closeup of the antenna. You can clearly see the 96.3 bays halfway up.
Look to the right of the bottom microwave dish to see the WOOL-LP antenna.
 This grainy digital zoom shows the antenna locations better.
 Here is the same closeup without the text.