WTIC-FM 96.5 Hartford

A long overdue, 2019 look at the tower on Avon Mountain. On top is the 4 bay Entercom aux facility.
Below is the ERI panel for WTIC-FM.
WWUH shares the two bay below with WTIC-FM.
The top pole is the old analog WEDH-TV 24 antenna.

A good closeup of the WTIC-FM antenna.

And a closeup of the aux.

Another view. You can see the old WEDH circular waveguide too.

Entercom maintains a 3 station backup up here for their three in-market FM stations>
Here is the aux antenna closeup.

Entercom's aux antenna closeup

Another view.

A wide shot showing the towers.

Thanks to Jeff Hugabone for the
tour of the WTIC facility!

The 96.5 studio

The WTIC tech area, front racks

WTIC tech area, middle racks,

WTIC tech area, rear racks.

Pictures are circa 2000, minus the top two, which are from 2006.

WTIC's Main New Panel Antenna

WTIC-FM's new panel closeup.

WTIC-FM Primary transmitter, "STL Equipment", and audio processing gear.

WTIC-FM tower. Shared with WWUH (Who uses
WTIC auxiliary bays when WTIC is not using them)

WTIC-FM's primary transmitter, a Harris 25K.

WTIC-FM Auxiliary transmitter.

Some of the various equipment in the WTIC-FM side, including a aux-aux Armstrong FM transmitter in the bottom right.