WBQT 96.9 Boston
Primary transmitter: Prudential Tower, Boston
Backup transmitter: FM128, Newton

Up on the roof of the Prudential Tower in Boston, there are two containers that house the transmitters of the four FMs once owned by Greater Media.
In this container are the transmitters of 92.9 and 96.9.

Looking down the other direction from 92.9. You can see here the main and alternate transmitters sit on oppisite ends.

Look carefully at the display for how the A transmitter is maintained.

And the B transmitter, closeup.

One of the two HD transmitters for 96.9.

The other HD transmitter and analog.

Each station has part of the combiner in behind them. Here is 96.9's filter.

On FM 128, they main a full power aux backup

A 2016 view of the tower.

A better view of the FM master antenna.

A closeup of the master antenna. An ERI COG-1084-2CP

The four backup transmitters that backup all the Prudential signals at FM128

A closer view of the aux transmitter.