WPEN-FM 97.5 Burlington, NJ

The Wyndmoor tower, where 106.1 and 97.5 both call home.

The two FMs are here at the top. 106.1 has a main and aux, and 97.5 has the two bay panel.

97.5 also maintains an aux at the "Gross" tower...

The "Gross" tower with several FMs on it.

At the very top is 88.5 WXPN (5 bay ERI) and the 2 bay below is 95.7 and 102.9 Main, 97.5 Aux.

A wider view

Before 97.5 was a Philly station, it was a Trenton FM.
Below are pictures of the old 97.5 installation in Trenton

Looking up the tall self supporting tower.

The top half with the 8 bay Shively.

A closeup of the old 8 bay Shively

And the base.