WZRM 97.7 Brockton, MA

In September 2014, WGBH replaced their mast on top.
I drove up on this beautiful November day to update pictures of the tower.
I also got some newer shots of 97.7's antenna.

The whole WGBH tower.

Another tower view. WGBH Aux top right, 97.7 middle left.

A little closer shot.

A really good closeup of 97.7

Shots from August 2010 below.

97.7's antenna on the WGBH-FM tower.

A wider view of the tower and 97.7 side mounted.

The WGBH-FM tower, with 97.7 antenna side mounted this side.

The WGBH-FM transmitter building with 97.7 inside.

97.7's transmitter

97.7's transmitter closer up.

97.7's new AUX 1 bay antenna on the Quincy/Abington line, located where the old
WBOT panel antenna was.

The whole tower.

I am unsure if this antenna is also used 97.7 or not, but it is on the tower.

Here was a picture I took after the station moved to
this tower as WBOT

And a closeup of the 2 bay Shively panel