WCTK 98.1 New Bedford

In 2018, the tower got yet an additional antenna with the addition of the 101.3 translator

Another closuep of the main.

And aux

All three antennas, with 101.3 at the bottom.

Looking up the tower with the new translator.

The main and aux antennas.

In 2014-2015 WCTK/WNBH were forced to relocate their towers due to nearby construction.
In 2016, the new towers were built. The AM relocated to the north side. The FM to a brand new self supporter.

The new 600' self supporting tower next to their old tower

The new ERI 8 bay antenna.

A little wider view.

The new 6 bay

A semi closeup of the two top antennas.

Older pictures below....

WCTK's 6 bay antenna.

WCTK's tall tower. (Also skirted with WNBH)

The WCTK & WNBH transmitter building.

WCTK's backup transmitter row.

WCTK's primary Harris HT20CD (TPO 17kW), some old reel to reel machines, and the WNBH transmitters.

A closer look at the WCTK transmitter.

WCTK's backup transmitter.