WILI-FM 98.3 Willimantic, CT  

A 2019 look at the Gates Hill tower in Lebanon for WILI-FM, WECS and the 95.3 translator for WILI (AM).

Looking closer a the top. The top single bay is WILI-FM.  The single bay Nicom is 95.3. The PSI is ?, possibly an aux
for WILI-FM.  The single bay ERI below is the aux for WECS.

The Gates Hill transmitter building, in 2019.

The WILI-FM antenna closeup.

A wider shot of the top.

The mystery antenna a little closer.

And wider.
Shots from 2006 below.
Looking up the WILI tower.
Another view of the top single bay antenna for WILI.
A wider view of the top half of the tower, including the antenna for WECS (lower).
Another wider tower view
Looking at the WILI auxiliary antenna on Hosmer Mt.
WILI's backup on the top of the left tower.
A closeup view of the main WILI antenna.

The transmitter site

Pictres from my first trip here in 2001, are below (from FILM!)

Notice the big NiCom antenna there?

My Ford Probe GT!

A closeup of the sign at the building